Inhouse Training began June 2001, as a company focused on instructor led training in authentication technologies.

Since 2002, training budgets around the world have been falling in response to increasing competitive pressures. Organizations interested in training services now expect to see a measurable return on training spend. Online technologies potentially offered customized, convenient and inexpensive solutions.

eLearning was the obvious direction for Inhouse Training though it meant redesigning courses and developing new expertise. The State University of New York (SUNY) agreed to partner Inhouse Training eLearning courses – validating the quality of courses and exams as well as awarding certificates.

Online examination was selected because it extends the benefits of online training into instantly measurable outcomes. The exams are “open book” and individuals may use any source of published information available. The 5 minute, Quick Quiz facility allows organisations to easily assess or audit training acheivements within a supervised environment. This facility is especially useful as part of job interview procedures.

By 2004, a proto–type website was in place however the extensive animation work took almost another 2 years of planning and execution. Along with course and exam development, we have gained partnerships with the world's leading organisations and think tanks for indentification technologies, eSecurity and Privacy. We announced our partnership with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in the summer of 2007, following collaboration on the MRTD & eMRTD course. The ICAO logo is stamped on the certificate of acheivement for successful exam participants.

In late 2007, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) added their logo to the courses in Biometrics & Privacy and Biometrics. Again, certificates of acheivement will carry this partner's logo.

In March 2008, the Forum for European e-Public Services agreed to support the eGovernment Identification Technologies & Privacy course and exam. The eForum is a European Commission funded organisation dedicated to analysing the future needs of eGovernment in Europe.

The team continues to strengthen and expand partnership development during 2008. We are happy to invite new organisations to consider working with us.


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